After 2 days your Jio sim service will be over

The services of Jio-geeks in the telecom world are going to end now. Because of Geo, all telecom companies have to bring cheap plans for their users. But now the user can enjoy just two days and enjoy these services.

Dhanal Jiyo’s Dhan Dhan Dhan Offer and Summer Surprise Offer is about to expire. After this you will not be able to take advantage of it. Now these offers are given 1 GB data per day. Along with this, unlimited Kalinga is also available.

If you want that your live is not locked and likewise you continue to enjoy these services then you will have to recharge it again. For this, the company has released many plans. Of which there is a proposal of Rs 399. Its validity will be 84 days. In this you will find all the services that are available now. But you want that there is no limit to the data in one day and if you use unlimited data then you will have to pay the most expensive recharge of Rs 9,999. Whose validity will be 390 days.

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